Collaborating entities



Collaborator: Agar Agar
Formalized: 10/02/2013

Description:The Project, the firm Agar Agar, specializing in marketing of restoration and preservation products, and Bellas Artes signed a collaboration agreement for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, and for the mutual promotion in the web. Agar Agar will also provide materials and products to carry out practices at the Schools.






Collaborator: Centre de Documentació i Museu Textil
Formalized on: 21/11/2012

Description:It was agreed that they will boost their mutual spreading and will encourage the execution of researching tasks. They will also facilitate ways for the communication and to promote the mutual advice in subjects interesting for all of them.






Collaborator: Ayuntamiento de Monachil
Formalized: 26/10/

Description: The Project has foreseen to do activities in public for small number of students of Secundaria who could be interested on learning in a future about fashion and textile fields. Monachil Town Hall takes part actively in the spreading of the Comprehensive Didactic Development project in the Textile Technology Practice.




Collaborator: VICORQUIMIA, S.A.
Formalized on: 16/04/2012

Description: By means of a collaboration agreement the company Vicorquimi, S.A. donates to the schools taking part in the Project a thickening product to prepare reactive pulps used in practices.





Collaborator: NATURTEX
Formalized: 03/05/12

Description:  The Project and the company Naturtex in Crevillente signed a collaboration agreement that will allow to do joint practices that will contribute to the fulfilment of the practices. Naturtex will also be able to provide textile materials for the practices.

Collaborator: PCE-Ibérica, S.L.,
del grupo PCE Instruments
Formalized: 16/05/2012

Description: The Project and the company through a collaboration agreement gives optical and electronic equipment of microscopy to the four participating schools for the elaboration of the practices.

Description:The Project and CITTA Foundation signed a collaboration agreement for the joint execution of researching and training projects, mutual advice and  reciprocal diffusion of the Project and the Foundation’s activities.


Collaborator:Comercial Química Sarasa, S.L.

Formalized: 17/05/2012

Description:It is established a collaboration agreement in which Comercial Química Sarasa S. L. company gives to the Schools taking part tartaric acid to prepare reagents used in the experiments.







Collaborator: CELSUR. COTTON SOUTH, S.L.
Formalized: 24/04/2012

Description:It is stated a collaboration agreement and by means of it the company COTTON SOUTH, S.L. gives to the participating Schools pulp of cellulose of cotton linter to do the practise of cellulosic  fibres of chipboard.






Collaborator: AITEX. Instituto Tecnológico Textil.
Formalized: 09/05/2012

Descripction: AITEX, a non-profit making entity  belonging to the Spanish Federation of Technology and Innovation Entities (FEDIT), cooperates advising about technical aspects of the Project. They coordinate the running with the Training department.





Collaborator: Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Orihuela
Formalized: 09/05/12

Description: The Project and Orihuela Town Hall, through Education Councillor, signed a collaboration agreement by means of it, the Education City Council participates actively in the diffusion of the Project and of the resultant activities.








Collaborator: RECAPACICLA. Escuela de Arte de Granada.
Formalized: 12/03/2012

Description: The Project signed a collaboration agreement with RECAPACICLA Program, which will help with the generation of didactic material concerning waste dealings. 



Colaborador: PCE-Ibérica, S.L. , del grupo PCE Instruments
Fecha de formalización: 16/05/2012


Descripción: El proyecto y la empresa establecen un convenio de colaboración por el que  PCE-Ibérica dona instrumental óptico y electrónico de microscopía a las cuatro escuelas participantes para la elaboración de las prácticas.


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